Free Slots Review: Fortune Girl

New slot games from Microgaming, including Fortune Girl, are about to be released with a bang. Naturally, it will need to be exceptional to compete with the developer’s previous works. So, in this review, we’ll be looking at all the features of this slot machine.

The name “Fortune Girl” doesn’t exactly pique interest, but this slot game is well worth your time. The complete anime motif is brought to the forefront in this offering from Microgaming. Because of this, it features a lot of vibrant colors while also incorporating the traditional anime style from Japan. And if there weren’t any specialized elements contained within a slot like this, something would be really wrong. Thankfully, Microgaming can satisfy all of your gambling needs. So, this one has several unique characteristics and displays high-quality visuals. The game follows the story of a lovely anime girl who seems to have luck on her side. The theme can’t be discussed much farther than this. Read on to find out more if that hasn’t piqued your interest already.

How Good Is Your Luck, Exactly?

Fortune Girl has a standard layout of five reels and three rows. Therefore, you should find a lot of familiar elements here. After all, it’s just a standard setup for a video slot machine. These reels are where you’ll get to see all the different symbols that are up for grabs. The initial icons represent a variety of Japanese words in kanji. These are the lowest-paying additions to the game, of course. Some supplementary icons were added that are more closely associated with the overall concept. For instance, the Fortune Girl herself appears as a symbol. A golden decoration, several silver coins, and an abacus are also included. Let’s not overlook the gold-filled treasure boxes, either. Together, they make up the game’s whole set of generic icons. But what else characterizes the general layout?

As for the betting options, Microgaming has included 15 of them alongside the reels, rows, and symbols. There is no way to alter the appearance of the lines because they are fixed. However, one aspect of the game that may be changed is the amount wagered on each spin. To do this, click the appropriate plus and minus buttons in the ‘Bet’ area. There is a wide variety of possible values, from £0.15 to £15 per spin. The ‘Auto Play’ button is included, of course. By doing this, you can initiate a sequence in which the reels spin repeatedly while maintaining the same bet. The game engine itself has also undergone top-notch optimization. This ensures that the experience is identical across all platforms, whether you’re using a desktop computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Lucky or Unlucky?

To complement the main gameplay, a superb slot game must have a variety of additional features. You can activate and experience some of them in Fortune Girl. To begin, the game’s logo serves as a substitute for any other sign. Therefore, it can replace any other symbol to help complete a winning combination. This makes them an extremely useful asset to your game. The game’s scatter symbol is the sole element that cannot be substituted for another.

The golden dragon represents the dispersal mechanism. Across the bottom, the word “SCATTER” is also written. Scatters let players to win payouts regardless of where they appear on the reels. This eliminates the requirement of lining up at least three of them along a winning bet line. These icons can be very helpful in the grand scheme of things.

In addition to this, there is a Mystery Symbol Feature in the game. This cryptic icon can show up in multiples on the reels. At first, it appears as if two golden, circular doors have been installed. After each spin of the reels, one of these doors will open to reveal the corresponding symbol. Behind each and every golden door stands the identical icon. Except for the wild items, all of the other icons from the game can appear behind the doors. Fortune Girl benefits greatly from these new features, as it is now possible to fill the full screen with the same mysterious symbol. If you do this, you’ll end up with a large payout. If you are successful in filling the entire display with the scatter symbol, your wager will be multiplied by 1200.

Finally, a bonus round with free spins has been added to this game. It activates when any position on the reels reveals three or more scatter symbols. In total, you’ll get 14 spins at no cost to you. The mysterious symbols feature, which spins in 20-high stacks, is also active throughout this round. During free games, the enigma symbol may become a wild. That’s why it’s possible to fill a full reel with wilds. In addition, a multiplier bar appears above the reels whenever free spins are being played. While in the free spins bonus round, the multiplier will increase by one if three scatter symbols appear in view. There are five possible levels of complexity here!

The Last Word

Microgaming’s Fortune Girl slot machine is a fun and eccentric game. It has a number of interesting extras, the Mystery Symbol Feature being the most notable. In addition, high-quality visuals are displayed. Overall, it’s a really entertaining slot, so why not try your hand at it at one of the many recent additions to the online casino market?






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