Midcoast Conservancy (Formerly SWLA) maintains a 20-mile network of hiking trails in Freedom, Knox, Liberty, and Montville. The trails are part of a 29-mile network jointly maintained with the Georges River Land Trust. Along this route there are eight loop hikes of varying lengths and difficulty. Midcoast Conservancy’s trails pass through over 1,200 acres of contiguous protected land and privately owned properties. We continue to expand the network, with projects to connect current trails north to Unity with the Waldo County Trails Coalition and south to Lake St. George.

There are several points of entry and trail map brochures are located at three locations along Halldale Road in Montville: the Whitten Hill trailhead and parking lot, the Bog Brook trailhead, and the Northern Headwaters trailhead. Click here to go to a google map with trailheads marked.

Trail map

Click to view a trail map and full trail descriptions (pdf) Note that two inset maps will view upside down due to printing format. You can pick up a print brochure at trailheads or contact Midcoast Consevancy to receive one in the mail.

Trail descriptions: TrailMapNHeadwaters

1. Northern Headwaters Trail (3.5 miles). Difficulty: Moderately difficult. Highlight: pristine headwaters. Access from Whitten Hill parking lot.
2. Whitten Hill Trail (0.5 miles). Difficulty: Easy. Highlight: hemlock forest.
3. Bog Brook Trail (2.0 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Loop goes through woods, glades and wetlands.
4. Eric Bruun Trail (0.4 miles). Difficulty: easy. Highlight: large white pines.
5. Big Pines Trail (0.5 miles). Difficulty: easy. Highlight: white pines.
6. Anne Arnold Trail (0.3 miles). Difficulty: easy. Highlight: mature forest.
7. Whitten Fields Trail (0.5 miles). Difficulty: easy. Highlight: expansive fields and views.
8. Goose Ridge TrailN. Headwaters trail to Penny Rd. (1.6 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: uppermost historic dam on Sheepscot.
9. Goose Ridge TrailPenny Rd. to Freedom Pond Rd. (3.7 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: panoramic views.
10. Dave Rock Trail (1.5 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: beautiful creek.
11. Hills-to-Sea TrailFreedom Pond Rd. to Rte 137 (1.3 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: forested ridge.
12. Mink Run Trail (0.3 miles). Diffulty: easy. Highlight: mature forest.
13 Hemlock Hollow Trail - N. Headwaters trail to Halldale Rd  (0.6 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: large white pines.
14. Hemlock Hollow Trail - Halldale Rd to Hogback Connector Trail (0.8 miles). Difficulty: easy. Highlight: hemlock gorge, mature forest.
15. Hogback Connector Trail (1.5 miles). Links Midcoast Conservancy trails with 11 miles of trails on Hogback and Frye Mountains maintained by the Georges River Land Trust. Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: quiet, secluded forest.

TrailMapFryeMtn16. Hogback Mountain Loop Trail
(1.8 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: view of Penobscot Bay. This trail and section of Hogback Connector that ascends Hogback Mountain are closed during deer hunting season.
Maintained by the Georges River Land Trust.TrailMapHaystack


17. Haystack Mountain Trail (1.0 miles). Difficulty: moderate. Highlight: expansive views from top.

Before you go:

  • Foot traffic only.
  • Trails are ideal for hiking and snowshoeing, not as well suited for skiing due to steep, narrow sections.
  • Keep dogs under control (no leash required).
  • Carry out what you carry in, no camping or fires.
  • Bog Brook Trail is recommended by the Maine Birding Trail as a good place to bird in the midcoast. Midcoast Conservancy (SWLA) is listed as #33, in the Midcoast Region.
  • Hunting is allowed on portions of SWLA property. Wear orange clothing during hunting season, and see the lands page for more information.
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